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Collecting and listing midwives nationwide to ease the process of pregnant families across the USA to find their midwives! Search, research, review midwives and find that perfect fit for your next pregnancy and birth.

What our birth moms are saying about our midwives

  • Megan H

    I will recommend my midwife to everyone who asks me who to go to for their pregnancy/delivery. I will choose her to deliver all my babies! I trust her with my whole heart!

  • Joanna S

    There are a myriad of reasons why I admire my midwife, mother, wife and friend. She has been and will always be a valuable asset to the community she so faithfully serves.

  • Julia S. Colorado Springs

    My midwife assessed us both to make sure there were no problems and I felt so comfortable and at peace knowing she was there. There were no complications. I would recommend Dee to anyone. This woman has done

  • Auriela J. Richfield, UT

    There is no one else we would even consider to help us bring our future children into this world, that is how HAPPY we are with our care! my midwife is Beyond AMAZING!!!

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